Continental 2.1

A challenging computer board game puzzle similar to checkers

The Continental 2.1 board game puzzle has a colorful interface that displays 32 tokens and 33 available positions. When first opened, only the central position is available. Your challenge when playing the game is to eliminate all the tokens except one, which should be in the central position at the end of the game for you to win. The game is similar to Checkers and there are 9 levels of difficulty as well as the classic game provided to challenge you. The outcome is the same in every level; only one token should be left in the central position of the board. At the right hand side of the board you will see displays of your level, score and time. There are four, two directional arrows displayed on the interface at each corner around the token play area of the board. You can use these to rotate the board. To move a token, you have to click over it and drag it to the position where you want it to be. You can jump over other tokens to any empty positions but not diagonally or over more than one token, according to the rules of the game. The game features an option to undo the last movement you made and you can save your current position. If you play a game very well, one that is continuous and that has not been saved or pre-loaded, and you score a best time, the program will give you a code you can use to access the World Ranking of the game when you press the provided link to it.

R. Fernandez
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  • A little complicated
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